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Anne John-Ligali
Founder and Editor at Books and Authors UK 

Anne does: Author Interviews, author profiles, blog series, giveaways, reviews, stories, daily tweets, Facebook and Instagram updates and book news.

Anne loves writing, reading fiction and is a Mum of two.
For bright sparks of inspiration she enjoys meeting authors online and in person, going to book fairs, (esp the London Book Fair) going to book launches, author and blogger meet-ups and entering writing competitions.
Get updates and tweets from Anne on Twitter at @BooksNAuthorsUK  and her ‘aspiring’ author Twitter page at @AnneJohnLigali

Blogging since Jan 2013


Sheree and Ben (1)

Sheree Crawford
Creative Writing Columnist
Sheree is the author of one complete novella, soon to be published for Amazon Kindle, and one series of fantasy novels, which are very much a work in progress. In her real life she works as a copywriter, and proofreader for all kinds of novels, essays, and even the odd dissertation and thesis. She lives in Stirling.
Columnist since Jan 2015


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At Books and Authors we enjoy popular fiction and anything that's going on in the wonderful world of books.

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