Christmas Day at the Office by Matt Dunn


(audio book)

Christmas Day at the Office is book two in this funny Office series, but I’m not sure if there’s going to be a third. It’s my first book from Matt Dunn believe it or not and after spending time with the lots down at Seek Software I feel I would love to read more of his work.
I adore books with humor and in this one there is plenty to go around. I also love books or scenes in books that are set in offices. It reminds me of my days when I temped in the City of London. The pacing at the beginning of this book is quite moderate, as I feel Dunn ensures to introduce each character to his best in case you happened to skip book one, which came in handy for me.  It didn’t take long at all to get used to these interesting and funny characters and to start living with them not just at home but in the office too.

Seek Software is where they work and it’s where most of the story unfolds. By the time it gets to the office scenes you have gotten to know the characters well enough to enjoy the meat of the story and to see how the different threads come together as one. I loved the fact that the whole book takes place in just one day and story didn’t to sag or bore me. Instead the conflict and humor continue to increase.

Like in any office there’s always bit of flirting, relationship problems, secret grown-up crushes and gossip. In this office the gossip came in droves, most of it being hilarious. I enjoyed the heart to heart talks that Sophie and Julie often had, it always felt like I was either sitting with two friends or listening in on something I wasn’t supposed to. I also admired Sophie for her wild imagination of being whisked off by a billionaire and never having to work another day at the office again. This had me laughing a few times as she fantasised about Mr Tony A. Wood.  And Calum I felt was a character the most readers would like, although quite endearing, sweet and shy I was rooting for him to find some self-confidence or to just grow some balls and prospose to the lovely Mia. Awww.

Julie was definitely another character I liked, quite complex in some ways and desperate to prove that there is life after divorce although being the reason for her divorce after a year-long of secret dating.

One day was all is took for these characters’ lives to change in one way or the other. The Christmas party was significant for each of them; the beginning of a new life in so many ways whether it be a baby, a union of some sort, or a fantasised one for Sophie, or if Seek Software was going to merge with iFeel. Everyone had their own huge expectations and it all got played out wonderfully at the party.

This book is a great read especially if you are into office sitcoms such as the Office etc, Christmas movies, or most of all if you’re an office worker, you’ll surely relate to a lot of it. But if you’re not Matt Dunn has done a wonderful job in recreating office life down to a tee. If there is a third instalment in this series I will love to read it.

Reviewed by Anne John-Ligali



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