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Today’s future book news is The Vandervilles by Khardine Gray. Khardine made her debut last December with I Only Have Eyes for You. Since then she has released three more novels: Hearts Entwined, Complete Me and Objection to Affection. The Vandervilles is Khardine’s fifth release.
I was impressed with Khardine’s debut, set in Japan along with an interest cast of characters set stunning locations.

Everything changed forever when they met, and nothing could keep them apart…

When Savannah gets the opportunity of a lifetime to spend a year in Japan, she jumps at the chance. But she gets more than she bargains for when she falls for the deadly handsome billionaire, Hiroshi.

Despite appearances, Hiroshi’s life is a mess, and he is a disappointment to his family. He is desperately trying to redeem himself, but priorities clash in the worst way as he is helplessly drawn to Savannah.

Can their love survive without tearing their lives apart?

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