How I became … a Romantic Comedy Writer

First of all … Happy Pub day to you!  Sue Watson’s new tasty-looking, (as always) book, Ella’s Ice Cream Summer is out today. To mark this, Sue has agreed to tell us how she became a RomCom writer.
Sue Watson is our second guest on this new feature and is an author of 10 books. Apart from telling us how she broke onto the romcom writing scene, she’ll be offering some tips on writing this much loved genre. 

How did you become a Romantic Comedy writer?

I was a journalist, then a TV producer – both careers involved a LOT of writing. I’d always wanted to write a novel and when I finally got round to it I think this was the natural genre for me.

What made you decide to write this genre?

I didn’t make a conscious decision, I just wrote a book and that’s how it turned out, which is funny really, but I hadn’t a clue when I first started. I always see the funny side of things and my friends say they can hear my voice in my writing, so I suppose it’s just me on paper really!

What’s your favourite arc of all time, fiction/or onscreen and why?

I love old films because the stories are always so strong. My favourite arc is from the Bette Davis film All About Eve, because it’s a story about a younger woman trying to usurp an older one, in her career and her marriage. It’s a story that is always relevant.

What do you think makes the best character arc?

I write about unique and quirky characters, but my heroines are usually relatively straight-forward. As I write in the first person I like to present an uncomplicated view through the eyes of my heroine. The reader, hopefully can relate to the heroine’s viewpoint and I feel that helps tell the story and reveals the humour too.

What are your best writing tips for anyone who wants to write a RomCom novel?

Let yourself go. Imagine you’ve met the man of your dreams, now add some hilarious (and heart-breaking) obstacles to that relationship.

What’s next for you?

I’ve just finished the second book in the Ice Cream Café Series, ‘Curves, Kisses and Chocolate Ice Cream,’ which comes out on June 27th. My next book will be my Christmas book, out later this year. 

Thank you Sue for visiting us!

Interview by Anne John-Ligali


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