How to Stuff Up Christmas Book Launch With Rosie Blake

How to Stuff Up ChristmasOn entering the quite seductive-looking (with oodles of champagne bottles lining one wall) Boudoir Room in Bar Soho, I spotted Rosie immediately. And believe it or not, it had nothing to do with that Jumper. Yes, the jumper, I’ll get to that in a minute.
I spotted her because it seemed she was the only one wearing red, so for this reason I was drawn to her and offered my greetings.

Someone asked me the other day what part of being a book blogger I enjoy the most, and I couldn’t answer as I enjoy all aspects of it. It’s interesting, you get to discover new authors and writing mentors, I’m able to keep up with authors I’ve meet online and simply being a part of a dynamic growing community of book lovers. I would say to date, this has been one the best past times I’ve had. In some ways it’s more than just a past time because with it comes a strong desire for me to write my own fiction one day.

Book launches are, I would say, the glam side to blogging, it’s where virtual world meets reality. The launch opened yet another door which lead me to room of authors, bloggers, readers and people who work tirelessly behind the scenes in publishing, and I love that. Never having met most of my fellow bloggers in person, and thanks to social media, that when you finally meet in person it sort of breaks the ice.
Now back to the jumper, twas a gorgeous present given to Rosie by Corvus and she looked absolutely divine wearing it. Now my Mum’s a fabulous knitter, but never have I seen a jumper like this one. Never. I’ve even had dreams about wearing this jumper. So whoever is reading this I’m sure you would have had sightings of this jumper floating around on social media, so I’ll spare the details as the photos speak for themselves.

Midway through the night Rosie delivered her speech, beautifully, and thanked everyone who supported and cheered her on since the day she chose to put pen to paper. Now with two bestselling books under her belt and a third on the way, I can only look forward to more!

As an aspiring author who dreams of one day having my work out there too, being at gatherings like this one not only inspires me, but it keeps the dream alive.

Thank you Rosie.

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