Julie Shackman: If I Knew Then What I Know Now, An Author’s Journey Blog Series #8

If I Knew Then What I Know Now:
An Author’s Journey With Julie Shackman #8 7th October 2014


Julie ShackmanI would have bought a diary much earlier! When I first started getting requests for interviews & Guest Posts, my desk resembled “Post-it Hell.” Getting on top of deadlines for these things, really helps you to plan out your writing.

I would have dedicated more time to thinking about PR/marketing. I just didn’t realise how much time and effort authors put into “plugging” their work, as well as juggling their WIP and other writing commitments.

I would have bought even more notebooks (this sounds like an excuse but it isn’t…ahem!) You feel like you are constantly writing, whether it be your WIP; PR ideas; deadlines for Blog Posts etc. Make sure you always carry one with you and have another couple spare.

Make sure you have enough pens about your person! Whether you are at home or out and about, check you have at least a couple of pens with you. Umbrellas and pens have often suffered the same fate with me – inadvertently left on tables or accidentally fallen out of my bag.

I would also have become a user of Twitter much earlier. There are so many supportive, creative and kind people in the writing/blogging/reading community and their advice and encouragement is invaluable. You learn so much and really feel inspired.

I would also have tried to develop more patience! As most writers will tell you, waiting is part and parcel of an author’s life. Whether it’s waiting for inspiration to strike; waiting to hear back from an agent or publisher or waiting for your next review, I’ve learnt the best thing to do is just try and keep busy. Concentrate on your next project. Patience is a virtue – that’s what I still keep trying to tell myself!

Just make sure you enjoy what you do – if you love what you are writing, then the reader will love it as well!

Good Luck folks and remember – Never Give Up!

Julie X



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