Messiah: A Tale from the Bad II the Bone Archives

“Messiah: A tale from the Bad II the Bone Archives” is a nice read novel, with elements that might interest every type of readers, it is a very unique type of mystery thriller, which will definitely take you somewhere beyond the world as we know it.

Winston McFarlane, an extraordinary investigator in London, who due to his Jamaican roots and nice education is the head of a task force called “Black Book”.  Black Book is meant to investigate the unusual crimes that are somehow related to African or Caribbean citizens. Winston is definitely not a person anyone would love to, he’s sometimes arrogant and excessively self-confident, but as we learn these are the things that made him succeed in his career despite all the obstacles.

The thing that Winston know better that anyone else, is that there are way more things below the surface than we, ordinary people, get to know, and most of it became more obvious to him after he met the celebrity bodyguard trio, Bad II the Bone, which in his opinion are connected on a telepathic level.

The story starts in a moderate pace, becoming more intense the further the story progresses. We have Winston just waiting for the metro to open to get to an event that he was looking forward for a long time, it slowly takes a nice turn around, when he spots Mawusi, a beautiful pregnant woman which attracts him in a very weird way. When he meets Suzy (one of the bodyguards) he shares his feelings about the pregnant woman, and they decide to talk to the lady personally. What goes next is beyond anything real; a telepathic unborn, spell casts, monsters and real transformations, and this all in the context than Mawusi needs to be taken as soon as possible to the airport, because her unborn child is the main hero in a prophecy.

Will they get to the airport? I don’t want to spoil it, simply because in this book, it’s not a big difference if you know the end or not, the thing that really impresses is the world that the author creates, a world somewhere in the middle between real life and fantasy.

Will definitely recommend this as a short and fun read!

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