On a Beautiful Day by Lucy Diamond

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to read and review this novel by the publisher, Macmillan and I’m so glad I was given the opportunity to do so.

I loved it, it certainly for me was a book I struggled to put down from start to finish.

Set in Manchester, On a beautiful day focuses around four girlfriends, India, Jo, Eve and Laura who whilst out celebrating India’s birthday, they witness a horrific accident which changes how they focus their own lives.

India is celebrating turning 39, when the fatal accident happens nearby and after narrowly escaping harm goes to help, whilst doing so the accident brings back memories and ghosts from her past, can she keep her past hidden?

Eve is also keeping a secret from her friends and family but the accident makes her think twice, whilst struggling to cope and keep her head together; will she do the right thing and seek help?

Laura is married to Dan, and after struggling to conceive for so long the accident makes her think how lucky she was to still be alive and brings back her plans of conceiving a baby, but when she arrives home to find Dan has been offered a better job opportunity in Newcastle, can she make him realise what he truly wants a baby and his wife? Or a new found single life on his own in Newcastle.

Jo has just started to date a handsome Rick, but along with Rick comes trouble in the eyes of his teenage daughter, Maisie, who is going through a lot of problems with her mum but chooses to take it out on Jo as she doesn’t want to be sharing her dad. Jo realises life isn’t a bed of roses with Maisie and after Maisie goes all out to get rid of Jo, Jo discovers the truth behind the troublesome teen.

On a beautiful day is a heart-warming, feel good book, based before the tragic events that occurred in Manchester in early 2017, many of us will know that the tragic events brought out the true spirit of Manchester, the friendship of strangers and how one event brought out the best in a lot of people, how it brought together everyone in a journey of hope. On a beautiful day also brings this to life how one event brings together strangers, brings hope to many and also shows friendship and love.

I will recommend this book to anyone as I loved it as a massive fan of Lucy diamond it certainly did not disappoint.



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