The Magic Touch by Kelly Florentia

What can I say? Other than … what a debut. This book is a must read, it’s entertaining and with some incredible plot twists that will leave you in a twist. The Magic Touch is a funny book and its about Emma King, a book illustrator and Harry, her partner, a nurse. Emma and Harry have been in a long term relationship and Harry appears to be a lovely guy who you would never imagine could put a foot wrong. Things appear to be going so well for Emma until one day a text pops up on Harry phone, from another woman!

Emma, being a strong character puts on her mits and decides to do something about it. At this point, a million thoughts are racing through her mind, heightening her suspicions. Soon after she turns to her friend Caroline for comfort.

Caroline, Harry Sister-in-law, eventually comes into play. She compels Emma to utilise her new phone app named The Magic Touch whose primary function is to predict the outcome of an event. Caroline’s ability to profess things, makes her a good psychic. Emma sees high hopes in the app and has to use it. However the app eventually becomes a bit complicated.

The book is hilarious and identifies poor communication between Harry and Emma. This affects their relationship negatively. My expectation was that their union would have been about joy, unity, and happiness. Unfortunately, things turned out to be opposite.

The supporting characters I thought were awesome, the Greek family and especially Alistair, who played an excellent role in the book without giving away too much.

Thinking that a new personality will save her from issues in the relationship, Emma experienced more difficulties. It almost destroys everything. Emma is such a funny and at the same time an annoying character.

Several questions were developed in the course of reading this fab book. Notable among them is “the fate of couples amidst poor communication level. Can they really help themselves out of such challenge?” The book is indeed recommended for every couple and the intending ones. Go on, you’ll love it.

The friendship Emma developed with the elderly neighbour around her worth mentioning here. She had some awesome moment with him. The relationship strengthens the message of this story. As for Harry, he acted like a caring type. A person who starts reading from the middle of the book may not care to understand Harry true character. It’s quite hard to argue that Harry is not a good man.

The novel is such an exciting one, with several lessons attached. Kelly Florentia did a great job with how she told this story and based upon the intriguing blurb that was showed promise of lots of humor, I knew I was going to enjoy this, and I did.

The entire story contains necessary elements of a good story; fantastic plot, humor, warmth and characters that I stayed with me after I read the final page. I’m glad to have discovered this new author and picked this book, it was worth the time I had dedicated to read it. I will definitely be reading her new book, No Way Back, that’s out September 2017

Great debut, good job Kelly, Keep it up!

Reviewed by Anne John-Ligali



Anne loves writing, reading fiction and is a Mum of two. Get updates and tweets from Anne on Twitter at @BooksNAuthorsUK and her author Twitter page at @AnneJohnLigali Q & A’s, author profiles, blog series, giveaways, reviews, stories, daily tweets, Facebook updates and book news.

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