The One We Fell in Love With by Paige Toon

The One We Fell In LoveThe one we fell in love with is Paige Toon’s tenth novel, I love Paige’s books and the one we fell in love with was definitely on my must read pile. The book begins with three identical triplets Rose, Eliza and Phoebe who may look the same but are very different in they’re personalities, they have nothing in common except that they all are in love with the same man Angus Templeton,the boy next door. After Angus moves in when they are all 17, Phoebe believes she was the one who saw him first when in actual fact it was Eliza but after Eliza keeps this secret love for Angus hidden, Phoebe captures Angus’s heart.

Fast forward ten years and it’s two weeks before Angus and phoebe’s wedding, Phoebe is away on her hen holiday with her best friend Josie, mountain climbing in Chamonaix an old haunt of Phoebe’s when a face from her past unsettles her and she begins to have second thoughts about marrying Angus, meanwhile back home Eliza and Rose are at each other’s throats as secrets are discovered as they help they’re mother move to a new home.  Eliza is very different from Phoebe, she has a very carefree attitude to life as she busks and waitresses for a living being the youngest of the girls she still lives at home so isn’t very happy when Rose talks they’re mother into moving into a smaller house leaving Eliza to stand on her own two feet in the world.  Rose the caring triplet, lives in London finds Eliza’s diary when clearing out the loft and discovers Eliza’s secret love for Angus as they argue, a phone call changes they’re lives forever.

We continue to follow the girls as they try to pick up the pieces of they’re shattered lives. Angus still remains to be the wedge between the girls and as more secrets unfold will they ever be the same ? Will they ever be able to be friends ?  I loved this book read it twice within a week and found it impossible to put down so it was a very easy review to do. I definitely recommend The one we fell in love with as a must read as is every book of Paige’s. The one we fell in love with draws you into the lives of the characters and makes you feel like your watching them from a great height, the twists in the story kept me gripped to read on as I couldn’t wait to see how the story would end.  Without giving away spoilers I was so happy to see there was finally a happy ending for the girls as I really didn’t see one happening from very early on in the book. I give The one we fell in love with a five star rating loved every second of reading this novel well done Paige cannot wait for the next one.


Reviewed by Sarah Coulthard



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