The Second Chance Shoe Shop by Marcie Steele

The Secondo Chance

After reading The second chance shoe shop I realized I couldn’t have chosen a better book than this! If your gossip friend is not available for gossip this book can replace that one friend of yours with your afternoon tea of chick-lit and a cup of coffee and cupcakes! And you would definitely love it! The story is full of love, loss and more importantly friendship.  I am very glad Mel has crossed to the “pink and fluffy” side.

The fictional shoe shop of the book is situated in the town of Hedworth where it is managed by the three friends alongside colleagues Riley, Sadie and Dan. Riley alongside her colleagues and friends Sadie and Dan. They are good friends, who enjoy working together at the same place. They all have experience bad luck in love and going through recent problems but things deteriorate between them when the owner of the shop executes a strategy of boosting his sales with a bit of “friendly” competition between the three of them. Over this action

Riley isn’t lucky, when the matter comes to love so she prunes to think that she would not find someone who is trustworthy. Whereas Sadie is a widow, who lost her husband less than a year ago and raising their six year old daughter alone. She is still in a phase of grief neither she is aware of how to move on and tries to keep her husband’s memory alive. And lastly Dan is looking for a new relationship after breaking up with his girlfriend. Content to keep seeking for an ideal woman, he happily dates a different woman online and every experience turns to be disastrous rather than settling down on a single relationship till the time he could find an appropriate match for himself.

Riley sees her chance to put in place little changes an opportunity she has been thinking about boosting here career. She tries to use social media but the story keeps you curious to know that whether her move proves to be best for elevating her career or the biggest mistake of her life?

Suzanne is in charge of the shop and as she needs to increase her sales she increase the work load for her employees. Though Riley suggests for making changes but Suzanne is not interested in making them. So being a manager of a shop Riley decides to make some changes to bring more customers in to the shop. However her changes turned into an initialization of drastic change in everyone’s life.

All the characters are amazing in their own way and they are plotted in such a way that you won’t be able to predict how they would react. Like Suzanne, at first she seems to be very unpleasant and later when things are sorted she turns out to be a great person.
The book was really worth reading.  It’s a story that portrays strong friendships between the characters and shows how important it is to have loyal and caring people around you when times get rough. It was thought provoking, heartwarming and a great addition to my top reads of the year. Along with the brim of funny scenarios it contained some lovely heartfelt moments.
Reviewed by Anne John-Ligali



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