The Sunshine and Biscotti Club by Jenny Oliver

The Sunshine and Biscotti ClubIf I have to define this novel using colors I would choose yellow representing the warm summer days filled with sunshine and lemons. This book is definitely a  holiday read, though you would not find it smooth sailing in these characters’ lives. The story lines were not predictable at all until I reached the conclusion regardless I wasn’t sure who would end up with who.  Unpredictability is something I definitely value in novels.

The story revolves around the three leading ladies, Libby, Evie and Jessica. Libby is a food blogger along being an owner of the Hotel Limoncello. When she finds her husband cheating, and meanwhile the hotel’s construction is yet done she kicks her husband out and her group of university friends comes in to her life.
Evie, married to Peter and have twins, but their marriage is in a bit of trouble too, so Evie decides to go and help Libby in Tuscany. As their friendship is on the verge of breaking despite having barely spoken properly for a while. Jessica is a lonely soul because she has been in love with one of the members of their group but he married someone else. And its not long after being in Italy she find interest in another man who she feels is right.

The book is a fun, pleasureable read and all of the characters are enjoyable. The expressions in the book are not too taxing which makes it great for relaxing. The characters are fun to be around at Christmas, their shared history, and the memories each held at their young age, is something to love about.

There is a great warmth reading this book which may take you to a flash back of your own social memories which you spent with your friends. It is not just the stunning location in Tuscany that increases sensations inside but mainly the interactions between these friends who may have been away for a long time but doesn’t take long for them all to reconnect like no time had been lost.

This novel has a variety of different threads, but still you don’t feel lost which is a good thing.  In a nutshell the story brings in the blessings of a friendship, a renovation of a hotel, some broken hearts, a love story, the sunshine, and of course some delicious cookery. A big part of the book are recipes and I adore.

Although all of the characters have different issues going on in their lives somehow they are incredibly glued together with the hotel’s work.

I started reading this book on a lovely sunny day and once I began reading it couldn’t put it down, it is one of my favourite books! (and covers, don’t you just love those lemons?) If you like warm-hearted summery reads then I would definitely recommend this book to you. I cannot put in words but every moment of this book is desired and is definitely one of the most enjoyable reads I have gone for this year.


Reviewed by Anne John-Ligali




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