UK Book Tour With David P. Perlmutter and Audio Book Review. Wrong Place Wrong Time

For the early part of January 2017 David P. Perlmutter began his very first book signing tour. On the 9th of January I managed to catch up with him at one of his tour stops at the Cancer Research UK branch on Camden High Street to do an interview.

David gave incite into his journey so far; the highlights, why he became a Campaigns Ambassador for Cancer Research UK, his inspirations and what new books he’s currently working on. David’s career to date has seen him release a string of ebooks under his MYWay brand on topics ranging from marketing, business, social media and collaborating with other writers about their writing journeys. He is also an international best selling author of true life crime books: Five Weeks and the newly re-launched and re-published (with Austin Macauley), Wrong Place Wrong Time.

Wrong Place Wrong Time is a story about how he lost his job as an up-and-coming estate agent followed by a trip to Marbella, and the decision he made whilst being out there had nearly cost his life. I had the pleasure of listening to his audio book recently and was impressed with how these real life events were dramatised. I had to keep reminding myself that it was not fiction and that its not only someone’s life, but someone who I have had the pleasure in knowing. This audio book accompanied me many times on my school runs and shopping trips which meant I sailed through it.

David came up against some interest characters in this book. Rosa I liked, she brought beauty and peace into the narrative by having his back and just being sweet and oblivious to his struggles. Another favourite of mine was the Son of Elvis; favourite in a peculiar and funny sort of way. I won’t explain any further about Elvis, you’ll have to read the book to find out. I also loved the way he described his Mum and how her warm voice would bring joy to him whenever they spoke on the phone, and how her voice reminded him of the Queen.

My not so favourites characters were the dodgy journalist, the hotel porter and the brothers who ran the bar along with a few other jealous and horrid types who took pleasure in challenging David physically and mentally.

David’s story has captured the interest of many and tugged a few hearts strings as readers are offered a snapshot into his early life as a twenty-seven year old. While listening to this story and the chapters played on, I wondered how much could one person take and especially at such a young age? Things just went from bad to worse. But as the saying goes, what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. I believe David’s time in Marbella had done just that, and by turning this horrific event into a book that he is able to share with the world and the shelves of Waterstones branches up and down the country, is testament to that.

If you read this you would have no choice but want to root for David, especially towards the end when faced with yet another grueling task of leaving his apartment and making an his way back home. Wrong Place Wrong Time is a gripping, beautifully written, page-turning and surprisingly a laugh out loud read followed by moments of deep emotion.

Look out for other MyWay books by this author coming soon.

“Everybody’s got a story, get it down on paper.” – David P. Perlmutter

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Reviewed, filmed and edited by @Anne John-Ligali

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