We’ll Always Have Paris by Sue Watson

We'll Always Have ParisSue Watson has brought us another endearing love story that is enriched with emotions and love. This is a story about Rosie Draper who falls in love with a young man at the age of seventeen. She meets Peter at art college where they both study. Peter is a charismatic young man and any sensible girl would fall in love with him. Now at the age of sixty-five Rosie loses her husband to ill health and has to find the courage to start again. Now the story takes a twist when forty-seven years later Rosie and Peter bump into each other. Old feeling surface and after a lovely catch up, Rosie is now looking ahead to a new future with Peter as they both start to wonder if their love at such a young age was actually true. They both start to wonder what if they both got married and what they would have been together at some of the most joyful moments of each other’s life.

This is a perfect love story as it has been written with so much heart and soul. While reading this book you’ll be able to feel the warmth and humour in this book that keeps it lively.
I personally loved this novel. As I was reading it I tried to consider myself in Rosie’s situation trying to fulfil all my dreams at whatever age I am. Although Rosie has lived a complete life as a wife and mother she hasn’t fulfilled all of her dreams. She feels it’s the now the time to do so. It is an interesting with great characters and the setting is amazing.

What I thought was nice about this book and actually, most of Sue’s other books are like this is that although the lead is a much older woman the story can be enjoyed and be relatable to women of all ages. Now that’s quite a challenge, to appeal to a wide demographic and to make the reader feel very much involved rather than to have sympathy for the lead character or, about the situation. Not only is there something in this story for every woman, it will make you realize that age is really just a number and you don’t have to be a particular age to enjoy the most out of life.

The writing style, the true sense of place, settings and characters and the choice of words everything is just flawless in this novel. Rosie will make you feel young and motivated even if you are 84. It is a wonderful piece of writing.
We’ll always have Paris is a charming, uplifting, evocative and moving novel about two wonderful people who fell in love forty-seven years ago and get a golden chance to get another shot at love. The novel also describes their choices and the love they share in such a sweet, endearing and charming way that every reader will fall head over heels in love with this story. Again Sue Watson never disappoints. She is indeed an unforgettable story teller and since reading my first book by this author I always look forward to the next one. (her Christmas and cupcake novels are a great read too.)

Thank you to the author and publisher for sending me an advance review e-book copy.


Reviewed by Anne John-Ligali



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